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Who we are

ICL is a global specialty minerals and specialty chemicals company, with over 11,000 employees worldwide and approximately $5.3 billion revenues (2019), operating bromine, potash and phosphate mineral value chains in a unique, integrated business model. We extract raw materials from well-positioned mineral assets and utilize technology and industrial know-how to add value for our customers in key agricultural and industrial markets worldwide.

Our shares are dual listed on the New York Stock Exchange and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (NYSE and TASE: ICL) and have among the highest turnover on the TASE. 45.93% of our equity is held by Israel Corp. and the remainder by the public (54.07%).


Organizational structure

In August 2018, we commenced working under an aligned organizational structure according to which the Company’s operations are divided into four divisions: Industrial Products (Bromine), Potash, Phosphate Solutions and Innovative Ag Solutions.


Leading Market Positions

We are the world’s largest producer of bromine and bromine derivatives, the sixth largest producer of potash and among the top three most competitive potash supplier in our main strategic markets. We are a major player in flame retardants, specialty phosphates, bromine-based drilling fluids, and a leading producer of specialty fertilizers.


Principal mineral and production assets

  • Access to the Dead Sea, one of the world’s richest, longest-life and lowest-cost sources of potash and bromine.
  • Two potash mines and processing facilities in Spain. We are in the process of restructuring the operations in Spain, consolidating two sites into one site.
  • Bromine compounds processing facilities located in Israel, the Netherlands and China.
  • A unique integrated phosphate value chain, from phosphate rock mines in Israel and in China to our value-added downstream products manufactures in Israel, Europe, the United States, Brazil and China.
  • Polysulphate mine in the United Kingdom and a growing FertilizerpluS business based on Polysulphate.
  • Production facilities of tailor-made, highly-effective specialty fertilizers in Israel, Europe, the United States and China.
  • An extensive global logistics and distribution network with operations in over 30 countries.


Key Competitive Strengths and Advantages

  • Access to vast and highly concentrated natural resources – we operate under a concession granted by the Israeli government, which ensures the production of potash and bromine at the Dead Sea. One of the important features of the area is virtually unlimited reserves and a low cost of production. In the UK, we are the sole producer of Polysolphate, a new organic fertilizer, naturally composed of Sulphur, Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium and other micro nutrients
  • Logistics advantages due to favorable geographic location– close to ports and main markets, proximity to Asia Pacific markets from Israel ports, low land and seaborne transportation rates
  • Ability to store large potash volumes in the open air
  • Extensive product range – integrated product portfolio across segments, from basic minerals to downstream products
  • Vertical integration of manufacturing activities with high utilization of by-products and waste products
  • Vast know-how of chemistry, agronomy, synergy utilization and customer requirements accumulated over decades
  • Global presence of manufacturing, logistics, sales and service capabilities



In 2018 ICL launched its “Business Culture of Leadership” strategy, focused on enhancing market leadership across our three core mineral value chains of bromine, potash and phosphate, as well as realizing the growth potential of Innovative Ag Solutions by leveraging our existing capabilities, agronomic know-how and the Israeli technological ecosystem.

Our global leadership in the bromine industry is driven by leveraging our unique assets and know-how, by our focus on a value-over-volume strategy and by fostering innovation to develop new applications.

In the potash industry, we leverage our well-positioned and unique potash assets, as well as our logistical advantages, to be among the three most competitive suppliers in our key target markets, including Brazil, Europe, India, South-East Asia and China. Our cost competitiveness is driven by lower logistics costs due to our facilities’ proximity to ports and customers, as well as by continuous optimization of our potash production processes, reducing costs and efficiently utilizing our capacity potential. At ICL Boulby, we shifted from potash to the sole production of Polysulphate, becoming the first and only supplier of this new and unique fertilizer.

ICL is also a global leader in providing phosphate-based solutions to the Industrial, Food and Agriculture end markets. Our strategy is to continue to outgrow these markets and support growth and margin expansion by increasingly focusing on specialty phosphate solutions and further promoting commercial excellence and value-based product positioning, leveraging on our backward integration to phosphate resources in Israel and in China.

We are striving to create global leadership in Innovative Ag solutions by enhancing our global positions in core markets of Specialty Agriculture, Ornamental Horticulture, Turf and Landscaping, targeting high growth markets such as Latin America, India and China. By leveraging our unique R&D capabilities, as well as utilizing M&A opportunities, we are working to expand our broad product portfolio of Controlled Release Fertilizers (CRF), Water Soluble Fertilizers (WSF), Liquid Fertilizers, Slow Release Fertilizers (SRF) and Straights (MAP/MKP/Pekacid), to further boost growth. We are also developing a service portfolio focused on creating global and regional Agro-professional based solutions, leveraging digital innovation.


Focus on Sustainability

ICL is committed to advanced management practices and continues improvement in all areas of sustainability. We strive to be a top-tier company in safety performance and environmental responsibility, to be an employer of choice, to leverage technology and industrial know-how to meet the needs of our customers and to adopt best practices for corporate governance. The company annually publishes a highly advanced and interactive Corporate Responsibility web-report, which includes over 130 topic-specific web pages providing direct access to the Company’s numerous sustainability initiatives. The report includes comprehensive information of the Company’s practices and performance in all sustainability fields, such as: Environmental Management and Performance, Health and Safety, Business Ethics, Fair and Diverse Employment, Sustainable Solutions, Responsible Procurement and Community Engagement. The report also contains useful one-page summaries of sustainability KPI’s and Trends, Goals and Progress, and details of ICL’s contribution to the present and future of humankind through the UN’s sustainable development goals: Zero Hunger, Clean Water, Decent Work, Responsible Consumption and others.


Above Average Dividend Yield

Our capital allocation approach focuses on balancing three main pillars: driving our long-term value creation through investments in our growth, maintaining an adequate debt level which provides us with the flexibility to invest in our growth and supports our strategic investment grade rating position, and providing solid dividend yield, currently at a level of above 4%.

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