Working at ICL

Making a career out of making a difference

The underlying key to our success at ICL is the talent and dedication of our employees. Our staff has been the driving force in building our company into one of the chemical industry’s most complex manufacturing eco-systems – and is our greatest asset.

ICL offers international employment opportunities for individuals who aspire to grow professionally and personally as part of our collaborative team of experts in agriculture, food and engineered materials.

Our ICL family is a diverse group of over 13,000 professionals. As a leading industrial and specialty solutions company, we employ a wide range of positions.  Our plants employ operators, managers, engineers, electricians, mechanics, and maintenance workers.  Our R&D facilities offer opportunities for chemists, scientists, researchers and lab technicians.  ICL’s corporate office hires professionals in procurement, supply chain, finance, IT, human resources, sales/marketing, and legal.

ICL benefits from a strong global presence and its manufacturing facilities, logistics, sales and marketing offices can be found in all leading markets and in close proximity to our clients. Our R&D teams are active in China, Europe and North America as well as in Israel, giving us the benefit of a broad range of experience and know-how. The diverse talents of our employees are critical for our ability to cope with rapid global change.

We are committed to recruiting and retaining versatile, highly motivated individuals that enjoy a team-oriented culture that encourages creativity, decision-making and entrepreneurial spirit. We strive for a diverse and inclusive work environment and believe that, in a technological and professional company like ICL, diversity is essential to conducting business worldwide, in many different countries and cultures.

ICL employees are rewarded with unique experiences, leadership opportunities and exposure to a global business culture that builds skills, character and careers.

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