Employing Individuals with Disabilities

As part of our commitment to corporate social responsibility, we are proud to be able to provide employment to a growing number of people with special needs.

We believe that ICL, as a company with a large workforce and broad variety of work positions, is particularly well positioned to help people with special needs integrate into the workforce. Each successful placement represents a “win-win-win” scenario, with the Company gaining the services of a dedicated and capable employee, the worker gaining a source of livelihood and self-worth, and the working group gaining a sense of mission and improved “team spirit.”

Our special needs employment program began a year ago with a pilot program involving just one worker, and by 2012 had expanded to 25 positions in Israel.  As part of the program, we have engaged an external consulting group including social workers, to determine the work positions best suited for special needs employees and to supervise individual workers after placement.

In line with the recommendations of the consultants, we have currently placed special needs employees in a variety of positions in our offices, warehouses, archives, in accounting, computing and logistical facilities.