Strategy & Company Structure

ICL’s Structure and Strategy

In 2018 ICL launched its “Business Culture of Leadership” strategy, focused on enhancing market leadership across its three core mineral value chains of Bromine, Potash and Phosphate, as well as realizing the growth potential of Innovative Ag Solutions. To better align the organization with this strategy, ICL Realigned the company into four business divisions: Industrial Products (Bromine), Potash, Phosphate Solutions and Innovative Ag Solutions.


Business Divisions:

Industrial Products

ICL’s global leadership in the Bromine industry is driven by its focus on delivering value to its customers rather than increasing volume. ICL is able to generate more value by leveraging its unique assets and know-how and by fostering innovation through the development of new applications, such as new Bromine and phosphorus based flame retardants, magnesia and salt products, as well as solutions for energy storage, urban mining among others. ICL continues to leverage its unique logistical advantages and unparalleled experience related to the safety and environmental aspects of its Bromine business.



 ICL leverages its well-positioned and unique Potash assets, as well as its logistical advantages, to be among the three most competitive suppliers in its key target markets, including the EU, Brazil, India, South-East Asia and China. ICL’s cost competitiveness is driven by its low logistics costs due to its facilities’ proximity to ports and customers, as well as by continuous optimization of its Potash production methods at ICL Dead Sea and ICL Iberia, reducing costs and efficiently utilizing its capacity potential. At ICL UK, the Company has shifted towards exclusive production of Polysulphate, being the first and only supplier of this new and unique fertilizer. ICL also continues to enhance its competitive position in Magnesium and to optimize synergies with its Potash operations at the Dead Sea.


Phosphate Business

ICL is a global leader in providing Phosphate based solutions to the Industrial, Food and Agriculture end markets. ICL’s strategy is to continue to outgrow these markets by increasingly focusing on specialty Phosphate solutions, further promote commercial excellence and value-based product positioning, while enhancing customer relationships. Specifically, ICL will strengthen and develop its Food Phosphate offerings by expanding geographically and capturing White Phosphoric Acid (WPA) and Phosphate Salts growth opportunities in China. Leveraging on its backward integration to the Phosphate resources of ICL Rotem in Israel and YPH in China, ICL will continue optimizing its upstream capabilities to support substantial growth and margin expansion of its specialty Phosphate products and solutions.


Innovative Ag Solutions

ICL is working to create global leadership in Innovative Ag solutions by leveraging its R&D capabilities to enhance its product pipeline and by promoting commercial excellence and a value-based product positioning. ICL also benefits from synergies resulting from its broad range of products, extending from commodity fertilizers, semi-specialty fertilizers, specialty fertilizers to Innovative Ag Solutions. ICL is expanding its Controlled Release Fertilizers (CRF) production capacity and is promoting Polysulphate as its flagship product to drive the company’s broad range of semi-specialty blended fertilizers. To further boost growth, ICL continues seeking to engage in partnerships and successfully target and execute M&A opportunities to expand its technological portfolio and develop farmer-centric solutions based on digital innovation.



ICL fosters a “Business Culture of Leadership”, which on the one hand focuses on the business leadership side, while on the other, promotes an equally important part of its strategy, of strongly focusing on creating a leading and sustainable work environment, with strong commitment to all stakeholders. Culture at ICL, means placing employee safety as the company’s top priority and making every effort and investment to achieve top safety results. Culture at ICL, also means operating with a clear commitment to full environmental compliance. It also means to continually striving to be an “employer of choice” by strengthening the company’s value proposition to employees and by promoting ICL’s core values. ICL is also fostering an innovation-driven culture that leverages its technology and know-how, to better serve its customers and increase their loyalty. To ensure we uphold our commitment, culture at ICL also means maintaining top-tier corporate governance.