Essential Minerals Division

This division includes the ICL Potash & Magnesium, ICL Specialty Fertilizers and ICL Phosphate business units. The division focuses on efficiency, process innovation and operational excellence.

ICL Potash & Magnesium – ICL Potash & Magnesium extracts potash and salt from the Dead Sea, mines and produces potash and salt from subterranean mines in Spain and the UK, and mines and produces polysulphate from its subterranean mine in the UK. ICL Potash & Magnesium processes the potash into different types and markets the products globally. In addition, it is responsible for approximately a third of the world’s bromine, making it the largest producer of bromine in the world. ICL Potash & Magnesium also produces metal magnesium and markets mostly pure magnesium and magnesium alloys, as well as producing magnesium chloride flakes for dust control and ice melting.

ICL Specialty Fertilizers – ICL Specialty Fertilizers manufactures compound fertilizers in Belgium and the Netherlands, liquid fertilizers and soluble fertilizers in Israel and Spain, and slow-release fertilizers and controlled-release fertilizers in the Netherlands and the USA. ICL Specialty Fertilizers markets its products worldwide, but predominantly in Europe, Israel and North America.

ICL Phosphate – ICL Phosphate mines and processes phosphate rock from open pit mines – three of which are located in the Negev Desert in Israel, while the fourth is situated in the Yunnan province, China. In 2016, 74% of the phosphate rock produced in Israel and all of the phosphate rock produced in China was used to manufacture phosphoric acid for different uses. The phosphate rock produced in Israel is sold to external costumers, who manufacture phosphoric acid and fertilizers, and to customers who use it as a direct application fertilizer. The policy of ICL Phosphate is to use most of the phosphate rock that it produces to manufacture downstream products.

ICL Phosphate produces fertilizer-grade phosphoric acid and phosphate fertilizers at its facilities in China and Israel. Furthermore, ICL Phosphate has facilities for the production of phosphate fertilizers in Germany and the Netherlands, as well as facilities to produce animal-feed additives in Turkey. ICL also produces food-grade phosphoric acid, which is used by ICL’s other business units to manufacture downstream products.

An additional raw material required for the production of phosphoric acid is sulfur, which ICL Phosphate purchases in the global market.